Household appliances frequency increase of the thin film capacitor needs
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At present the company's home appliances film capacitors for customers: the Gree, beautiful, Haier, TCL, Hisense, Konka, Changhong, in which the frequency conversion air conditioning demand maximum.

Inverter air conditioner in 2011 cold years of a breakthrough in the development, production and sales accounted for more than to have rise apparently. According to the Beijing Zhong Yikang times market research company ( CMM ) retail monitoring data show: market of our country air conditioning inverter air conditioners retail volume share soar, in 2011 cold appear span the development of type, the volume of retail sales share nearly doubled to 44.5%, up to now still with 53.7% market share to occupy half of the country. In energy saving and emission reduction of the environment, we believe that the inverter air conditioner permeability will represent the general trend is continuing to improve.

Because the frequency conversion air conditioning than the traditional air conditioning needs more film capacitor ( frequency of air-conditioning film capacitor dosage 2-3, inverter air conditioner with 1-2 ), so the inverter air conditioner permeability increase additional increase of the thin film capacitor needs. The company currently customer Gree, beautiful, Haier are of variable frequency air conditioning leading enterprises, the company will clearly benefit from the inverter air conditioner market growth. We expect the company home appliances using thin film capacitor business will maintain 20% growth.

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