The current thin film chip capacitor Market Analysis and forecast of the future trends
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In order to prevent the switch mode power supply filter Market from the standard 5 mm PET film capacitor turn surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitor, film capacitors industry in 1995 to 2005 ten years invested millions of dollars in development, has the following characteristics of thin film capacitor: surface mount; can bear the welding temperature; price with the lead of DC film capacitors market is provided on a thin film capacitor; all the best features. Since 1995, SMD thin film chip capacitor market achieved remarkable growth, these mainly using PPS dielectric material film capacitors, best achieved by the above four characteristics, but the average unit price is higher.

Global Market Watch

SMD film capacitor growth from two aspects. One is based on the lead film capacitor to Surface Mount Capacitor traditional transition effect, because the design engineers in CATV, dc/dc brick type converter, audio and lighting final market occupying smaller design. The second is in the portable audio, set-top box, LCD and dc/dc brick type converter in areas such as new market opportunities for development. It has been and will continue to drive its growth. Automotive electronic components suppliers to have great interest, is not only used for stereo applications, but also for power plant application.

The current SMD film capacitor mainly adopts the following three kinds of dielectric:

Polyphenylene Sulfide ( PPS ) -- can realize higher working temperature; Polyethyelene Napthlatae ( PEN ) -- working voltage up to 400Vdc; Metallized PET ( PET ) -- this is a low cost solution. The following from the size, rated voltage, capacitance, temperature and other aspects of the product characteristics of three different media.

Appearance size -- DC thin film chip capacitor has a small size, from 0603EIA to huge 6039 EIA, applied voltage within 400 Vdc of power film application. But with PPS, PEN or PET compared to films, competitive MLCC products smaller, and can obtain high capacitance, the price is relatively cheap. Therefore, the volumetric efficiency and the film quality combination, will be the future of small size thin film chip capacitor market is the main direction of development, especially PPS and PET film capacitors.

Rated voltage of PEN thin film chip capacitors -- for line voltage is applied in high voltage applications. PEN SMD capacitors rated voltages from 50 to 400Vdc. PPS film capacitor high voltage of 100Vdc, usually 10Vdc, 50Vdc and 100Vdc. PET SMD capacitor voltage is limited to 16Vdc and 25Vdc application. Therefore, from the perspective of real voltage, more outstanding is has the high working voltage of PEN thin film capacitor.

The capacitance value -- PPS thin film chip capacitor has very low capacitance values, from 0.0001 to 0.22 micro method only micro Law -- from the perspective of the capacitance value, in the market occupies a narrow part. PEN capacitor value range is wide, from 0.01 to 1 micro method micro method, while the PET capacitor values in the three dielectric is highest, 1206 dimensions of the capacitance of 4.7 μ F.

Operating temperature range -- PET film capacitor in the majority of application of rated working temperature is -40℃ to +85 ℃. However, the new PET film capacitor model after heat treatment ( heat shield ), the highest working temperature can be safely reached 105, printed circuit board manufacturers can be treated in a reflow furnace. The PPS has the optimum working temperature, from -55℃ to +125 ℃, which can withstand all the welding test. High temperature, for automotive electronics and portable electronic applications is very attractive. The standard PEN rated temperature from -40to +105 ℃, but special or extended models ( having a heat shielding ) the maximum working temperature can reach 125.

Application of DC film capacitors -- is mainly used for digital filtering the audio signal, at the same time, they have also been used for standard interval circuit and the power supply output filter ( some people may consider pulse power), as well as the lighting application of resonant circuit. In the use of film capacitors for audio circuit, if you use the NPO dielectric is generated by the audible noise is less, but the cost will be higher. 250Vdc to 400Vdc high voltage application for telecommunications infrastructure equipment circuit with intermittent, emphasis is on ADSL modem. In automotive applications are emerging concern growth markets, especially in European film capacitor manufacturers are entering the market. DC motor, interference suppression, xenon lighting and tire pressure monitoring for chip capacitor provides a new market.

The main DC thin film capacitor manufacturers

Japanese Panasonic control of DC film capacitor industry ( including PPS, PEN and PET SMD capacitors ), in the newly formed Panasonic Electronic Components Group investment accounts for a large proportion, the company's sales continue to grow. Panasonic in Japan, China and Malaysia, the production of film capacitors, it is said that the whole world produces every mobile phone have a Panasonic manufacturing PPS SMD capacitors. Arcotronics Italia SpA's asset throughout Europe and Asia, and is also one of the major chip capacitors manufacturer, for the European, Asian and North American lighting and automotive applications. Thomson Passive Components Group ( Kyocera/AVX company ) assets in France and Asia, the production of DC capacitor, is the world's three largest suppliers. During the year was the company financed the acquisition of AVX Thomson Passive Components before, in the investment of chip capacitor technology, and then the company by a number of electronics companies formed a part of the French thomson. In the United States, ITW-Paktron is a major local manufacturers, it developed its own proprietary chip design, is now widely used in power applications. Other well-known DC thin film capacitor includes quality of famous German WIMA, it to the German market supply of high quality thin film capacitor; public film capacitor production company Evox-Rifa, operating assets in Finland.

2005~2010 DC capacitor Market Forecast

Because the DC capacitor production continued to grow by 15% a year, so it is assumed before 2010 continue to maintain this growth rate is reasonable. Although Delphy prediction method ( Delphi Method of Forecasting ) prediction is such, but the box and Jenkins method ( Box-Jenkins Method ) and other advanced forecasting technology is also shown, this is a thin film capacitor market will maintain growth only field. The main reasons are as follows:

The current global production of 92% DC film capacitors using radial or axial lead design. Ceramic capacitor and tantalum capacitors and other dielectric is contrary, in which 90% of the yield surface mount, only 10% axis or radial lead design. The DC film capacitors sister Market -- aluminium electrolytic capacitor and the growth rate of the similar, is also in the same transformation, V-chip aluminum capacitors are replacing the older radial lead product.

From the structural perspective, using PEN, PPS and PET DC thin film capacitor appears to be the next five years the main growth product. Lead type capacitor, predominantly radial lead capacitors, GM 5 mm PET film capacitor, X and Y radial lead capacitors will drop, for CRT demagnetization circuit AC and pulse market also is such, so the majority of film capacitors are focused on thin film chip capacitor, because it is the fastest growing in the future field. According to the distributor pricing, the price will take SMD NPO ceramic chip capacitors 30%, so the market is restricted to those high-end audio and video image circuit, power supply and electronic components for automobiles, in these applications, the properties of the thin films in the circuit is very necessary.

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