Tongling city Xinzhou electronic technology limited liability company is a professional production of various kinds of film capacitors and PP, PE metal materials of private scientific and technological enterprises, the company is located in the " China's bronze " and China electronic material production base in Tongling city centre. The territories in the south of the Yangtze River, adjacent to the famous scenic areas of Mount Huangshan, east of Mount Jiuhua, from Nanjing, Hefei airport is only 100 kilometers, multiple high-speed intersection here, traffic is very convenient.

Company's existing AC capacitor, metallized coating special capacitor and a production line, major equipment are imported and domestic well-known professional manufacturer of capacitive equipment,. With an annual output of various types of AC capacitor 120000000 -law, a filter capacitor, capacitance, capacitance and various pulse absorption of solar energy and wind power equipment 10000 sets of metallized film capacitor, the production capacity of 800 tons.

Companies adhering to the " integrity and pragmatic, rigorous and innovative" spirit of enterprise, to "meet customer demand, to provide quality products and services " as the operating principle, adhere to the "fine, professional and humane " management philosophy, the constant pursuit of, challenge themselves, and hope with you to create a better tomorrow.

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